"Today, intellectual property accounts for one-third of the market value of all U.S. Stocks - $5 trillion"

- The Economic Value of Intellectual Property, Shapiro and Hassett, October 2005

Internet Security Technology Is Our Specialty

Secure Axcess is the only company in the world dedicated to Internet security related patent monetization and management. Our staff of seasoned professionals has been developing new technologies, building innovative products and managing successful high-tech businesses since 1980. We understand the needs of patent owners who simply want to exercise their Constitutional right to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for the use of their patented technology. The professionals at Secure Axcess have considerable first-hand experience in performing the legal, technical and economic analysis necessary to maximize the value of a single patent or an entire portfolio.

In 2004, the founders of Secure Axcess performed their first Patent Enforcement Assessment and implemented a Patent Monetization Plan based upon U.S. Patent 6,516,416 entitled Subscription Access System For Use With An Untrusted Network. The technology of this patent is fundamental to an important element of Internet security called Authentication & Authorization. Authentication is one of several essential technologies within Prismís area of expertise.

  • Authentication & Authorization 

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) 

  • Wireless Security 

  • Digital Rights Management 

  • Digital Certificates & Signatures 

  • Trusted Computing 

These Internet security technologies are being deployed in a wide variety of consumer, business and governmental applications. The rapid adoption of these technologies is being driven by the need to protect and control access to vital information and online multi-media content.

  • Fraud & Identity Theft 

  • Regulatory Compliance 

  • Consumer Privacy 

  • Content Privacy 

  • Cyber Terrorism 

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