"Intellectual Property is the Currency of the New Global Economy"

- Congressional Record, October 29, 1999

E-Commerce Security Services

Secure Axcess provides Internet security consulting services that leverage our proprietary technology, processes and expertise. The threat to companies and organizations conducting business over the Internet is growing in both severity and complexity. Web security must be constantly monitored, assessed and upgraded in order to insure a safe, efficient and uninterrupted flow of commerce and communications. Secure Axcess has the technology and the experience essential to making the right web security decisions.

  • Secure E-Commerce Systems Requirements Analysis 

  • Secure E-Commerce Systems Design, Integration and Project Management  

  • Network Security Vulnerability Assessment, Planning and Design 

  • Secure E-Commerce Proof of Concept Research and Development 

  • Third Party Vendor Request For Proposal (RFP), Selection and Management 

  • Computer and Internet Security Patent Portfolio Analysis 

  • Internet Security Technology Patent Development 

  • Internet Security Patent Licensing 

Secure Axcess delivers comprehensive solutions to complex Internet security problems. We bring a deep knowledge of advanced security systems and many years of experience in developing security systems and technology to bear on each client’s unique web security challenge.

Patent Evaluation Services

Secure Axcess has developed a proprietary patent evaluation process for analyzing the strength, scope, enforceability and economic potential of patents. The goal of this process is to provide the patent owner with all the information and analysis necessary to make sound decisions regarding the monetization of patents.

  • Patent Ownership Rights Analysis 

  • Origin of Invention Analysis 

  • Patent Prosecution History Analysis 

  • Prior Art Analysis 

  • Field Of Use Analysis 

  • Technical Infringement Analysis 

  • Reasonable Royalty Analysis 

  • Patent Monetization Assessment 

Secure Axcess delivers a clear, concise and professionally documented analysis designed to add value to the patent regardless of the outcome. Each step in the process is initiated only if the results from the previous step warrant further analysis. The process continues until a monetization plan is developed.

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