Information is an organizationís most valuable asset. The Internet has enabled access to information on an unprecedented scale. Controlling and securing access to information is essential to the success of every organization. Secure Axcess was formed by the founders of Prism Technologies to provide organizations large and small with Internet security related consulting services, technology development and acquisition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the expert services and technologies necessary to protect their valuable information assets and to insure the integrity, safety and competitiveness of your ecommerce operations.

Our Commitment

Secure Axcess will deliver prompt, professional services tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. We will provide expert technical, economic and legal support services necessary to develop and implement an effective Internet security strategy.

Our Value Proposition

Secure Axcess offers a unique combination of Internet security expertise and patented technology designed to protect valuable information assets while improving the safety and security of online communications and transactions. Preventing unauthorized access to information will reduce operations and overhead costs. Facilitating safe secure access will improve customer satisfaction. Our experience coupled with patented Internet security technology enables our clients to stay competitive.

Our Value Added Services

  • E-Commerce Security Evaluation: Analysis of online operations, development and implementation of enhanced security systems.

  • Network Security Assessment: Analysis of internal and remote access IP-based network security systems.

  • Patent Evaluation: Analysis of patent scope, field(s) of use, breadth of claims, landscape of prior art and potential infringement.

  • Strategic Patent Acquisition: Identification, qualification and acquisition of offensive, defensive or strategic technology patents.

  • Patent Portfolio Management: Analysis of issued and pending patents, development of patent prosecution strategies and new patent authorship or acquisition strategies.

  • Patent Enforcement Assessment: Authorship and ownership rights analysis, origin of invention analysis, prosecution history analysis, prior art analysis, literal infringement analysis, economic recovery analysis.

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