"Success is 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration"

- Thomas Edison

Our History

Secure Axcess is a subsidiary of Prism Technologies LLC. Prism was formed in 2003 by a group of seasoned professionals with a passion for technical innovation and intellectual property. Secure Axcess was formed in 2010 and embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders who have dedicated their careers to building successful high-tech businesses from their own inventions since 1980.

Our Professional Staff

  • Gerald C. Korth, President 

  • A.J. Bahou, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer 

  • Alan Carlson, Vice President Operations 

  • John Gaukel, Chief Technology Officer 

Our Technology Focus

Secure Axcess is dedicated to monetization and management of Internet security patents. Our founders are pioneers in information technology and have several important patents to their credit. Several of our core inventions involve a technology called online device authentication. This technology is a key element in the development and growth of a market known as Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM technology is essential to Internet security and is already in widespread use throughout the financial and healthcare services industries.

Our Philosophy

  • The U.S. patent system is the cornerstone of global technological innovation

  • Active patent management is necessary to maximize patent value

  • Monetization and enforcement of patents is essential in order to maintain the integrity of the U.S. patent system

  • Every patent owner has the right to exercise the patent rights granted them by the United States Constitution

  • The high cost of patent enforcement discourages patent owners from exercising their rights and encourages patent infringement

  • Patent enforcement encourages and rewards real technological innovation

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